Welcome to TAYDANKA.   

Locally Owned & Proud Queenslanders. 

We are a passionate family run business, with a love for nature. 

Our branding name  “TAYDANKA “  is very special and unique,  it is made up of all our family names, which makes it even more special to our business. You will see a lot more of the name  TAYDANKA  as time goes by. 

Sandy is our co-founder and CEO, who works tirelessly along with her dedicated family to bring all the products to life.  

Sandy and her husband are seasoned travellers of our beautiful country, and have spent many years on the road travelling and listening to clients requests. 

Our skincare products are made in Australia with Australian Ingredients and to the highest of Australian standards. We only use products that are 100% natural, ethically made and cruelty free. We want to make sure what you put on your skin from TAYDANKA  is all natural and the very best ingredients we can source here in Australia. 

The Skincare line is just the start of our fantastic range we are bringing to you. As we release more of our range, be assured we are watching market trends with exciting and new products.

 We hope you will join us in our journey, and grow with us over the coming years.

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